Walk-in Module

  • Walk-in module with fork pockets
  • R32 walls and roof
  • Strong, 0.25 plate steel floors
  • Attached fork pockets for ease of transport


With R32 walls and roof that endure in harsh weather conditions, and strong, 0.25 plate steel floors, these durable and convenient structures are the perfect housing for your generator set or for other worksite needs. Comes with attached fork pockets for transport ease.

Adjustable variables & features

  • Generator integration
  • Seismic ratings
  • Snow loads
  • Floor loads
  • Interior and lighting options
  • Many different dimension options


  • External fuel tanks
  • Snow hoods
  • Four-corner lift points for crane lift use
  • Other wall insulation options available
  • Some models can be built with the ability to be dis-assembled for air freight



  Model 102226 Model 101747
Structure dimensions
(L x W)
144 x 102 in 195.13 x 109 in
Inner dimensions
(L x W)
121 x 87 in 172.13 x 87 in
Crane lift points No Yes
Fork pockets Yes Yes