Portable Fuel Tank

  • Portable cylindrical fuel tank
  • Helicopter-portable cylindrical fuel tank
  • Great for remote mineral exploration, drillers, camps, and helicopter operations


These helicopter portable cylindrical fuel tanks are great for remote mineral exploration, drillers, camps, and helicopter operations. Powder coated finish and double wall aluminum construction allow for lightweight durability. Designed with low center of gravity for stability on uneven ground.

Features & benefits

  • White to minimize thermal expansion
  • Annular space between the tanks has a screened vent cap that is removable for inspection
  • Drill rig generator connections
  • 2" Vented fill cap
  • Serial numbered
  • Helicopter portable
  • Includes removable 3-point, high quality, custom sewn, load rated sling
  • Welded discharge drop pipe allows for pump attachment directly on top of tank without any other modifications


  • 12V fuel pump package
  • Overflow-splash prevention can
  • Attached forklift pockets
  • Attached grounding cables



  Model H110 Model H230
Dry weight 150 lb 250 lb
Volume 110 gal 230 gal
Max fill vol 100 gal 210 gal
Height 40 in 50 in
Diameter 37.5 in 46 in
Material 1/8" AL 1/8" AL shell & 3/16" bottom