Emergency Shower Trailer

  • Emergency shower trailer mounted on trailer
  • Emergency shower trailer interior
  • 400 gal water tank heated by a 500W submersion heater
  • 30 gpm therma-flow freeze protected shower, runs off into a 500 gal tank


FOR WORKSITE SAFETY. This vital safety precaution unit contains a 400 gallon water tank kept heated by a 500 watt submersion heater to ensure that when an emergency arrises, your job site is prepared, no matter the temperature. The water is delivered through a therma-flow freeze protected shower at a rate of 30 gallons per minute and runs off into a 500 gallon tank.

Features & benefits

  • 3000W corrosion resistant electric heater
  • 500W submersion heater in tank
  • 400 Gallon water tank with freeze plugs and taper-to-top design to help prevent damage
  • 30 GPM consistant flow rate
  • High-visibility ABS plastic shower head with self-adjusting regulator
  • Eye and face wash heads equipped with float-off covers secured with a stainless steel bead chain
  • Heat trace installed on all water pipes and pump
  • 100% Arctic flex wiring
  • Dual 7000 lb axel trailer with torsion bar suspension

Easy service by design

  • 100 gal fuel tank for an estimated 5-day run
  • Easy access engine compartment facilitates ease of service functions
  • Common "off the shelf" components ensure widespread parts availability





Kubota V1305

Generator Stamford
Fuel tank capacity 100 gal
Secondary fluid containment

3000W corrosion resistant electric heater

500W submersion heater in tank

Shower head

High visibility ABS plastic with self-adjusting regulator

Eye & face wash heads Equipped with float-off covers secured with stainless steel bead chain
Water flow 30 gpm
Wiring 100% Arctic flex

3" Foam wall insulation

4" Floor and ceiling insulation

Water tank

400 gal

Run-off tank 500 gal

18 x 8 ft

Dual 7000 lb. Axle with Torsion Bar Suspension

16" 8-Hole Wheels