KPG 12kW

  • KPG 12kW generator set with Kubota engine on skid


240 1-phase: 48.6 A
208 3-phase: 40.5 A
480 3-phase: 17.5 A

Fuel consumption
1.00 gph @ full load

Fuel type
#2 diesel or #1 ULSD


Powered by a Kubota diesel engine, this durable generator set produces 12.0 kilowatts of prime power output. The engine and generator are directly coupled and mounted on a rugged steel skid. All components are suitable for prime or intermittent usage. The entire set is thoroughly load tested prior to shipment. UL approved construction.

Standard engine

  • Kubota diesel model V1505-E3BG, in-line, four-cylinder engine
  • Mechanical speed governing provides > 5% speed regulation, no load to full load
  • EPA tier 4
  • Liquid cooled with industrial grade radiator and belt-driven blower fan

Controls & accessories

  • Key start panel with oil pressure, coolant temperature, hour meter, and glow plug indicator
  • Manual safety shutdow override, fuse protection
  • Safety shutdowns, energized-to-run, for low oil pressure/high coolant temperature
  • Four anti-vibration mounts between generator set and base frame
  • Electric fuel transfer and priming pump (12 VDC)
  • Battery cables for 12 VDC starting system



Engine technical information



Model V1505-E3BG
Cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke 3.07 x 3.09 in
Displacement 1498cc (91.41 cu in)
Comp. ratio 24:1

Engine weight

280 lb dry

Fuel system

Fuel type

#2 Diesel or #1 ULSD

Injection pump Bosch PFR
Nozzle type Throttle type
Transfer pump Electric, 12 VDC
Fuel lift 1 meter (3.3 ft)
Suction fitting 5/16" push on
Return fitting

3/16" push on

Optional 1/4 in suction and return fittings on the skid.

Specific fuel consumption

1.00 gph @ full load

0.55 gph @ half load

(Actual fuel consumption varies with site conditions and fuel energy content.)

Lube oil system


API classification CF or other approved.

(See owner's manual)

Capacity 1.8 US gal


Full flow, spin on

Air intake system


Replaceable element

Combustion air 50.6 cfm

Total system restriction

20" H20

DC Electrical system
Starter 12V, 1.0 kW
Alternator 12V, 30 Amp
Glow plugs location Combustion chambers

Battery required

12V 650 CCA equiv, min

Run solenoid

12V Energize to run

Ancillary equipment


Steel base with mounting holes


Four composite mounts

Generator technical information
Manufacturer Mecc Alte
Model ECP 28 (standard)
Construction Four pole, brushless, open drip-proof (IP23), single bearing
Excitation (std) Full wave bridge rectifier
Excitation (opt)

"Excitation Boost System"

(Provides up to 300% current for motor starting.)

Cooling air flow 286 cfm
Leads 4 or 12, application dependent
60 Hz voltages (continuous)

240 1-phase: 48.6 Amps

208 3-phase: 40.5 Amps

480 3-phase: 17.5 Amps

Power factor

Single phase ratings @ 1.0 PF

Three phase ratings @ 0.8 PF

Voltage reg. DSR digital type +/- 1% NL -> FL
Temperature rise 105C rise prime
Tel. interference THF <2%

Winding pitch

Two thirds

Control system


Cooling system
Radiator Finned tube type
Material Copper core, soldered tanks
Pressure 12.9 psi max
Fan type Blower, nylon
Water pump Gear case mounted
Type Centrifugal, belt drive
Thermostat Wax pellet type

Recommended coolant


Use low silicate ethylene glycol and high quality water. Consult manufacturer for details.

Cooling air required

1502 cfm

Exhaust system
Muffler type Industrial grade




1.5 in Hg max

Weight & dimensions
Please contact salesperson for weight and dimensions.


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