Equipment Source Inc. supplies a full line of ESI-built generators ranging in output from 6kW to 45kW. These durable sets are powered by reliable Kubota diesel engines coupled directly to Mecc Alte generator units.

ESI generators can be built with our proven Re-Air enclosures that provide secondary containment and extreme cold weather operation. By recirculating the warm air created by the engine and generator we can keep the inside of the enclosure at an optimal running temperature.

ESI-built generators can be equipped with our extended run oil sumps for a 3000 hour service interval. This technology has been proven on the North Slope of Alaska, "the coldest part of America." Lower costs and more uptime will keep your job powered up for the long haul!

In addition, we offer three models of dual-voltage Shindaiwa generators ranging in output from 48kW to 120kW. These powerful generators feature Ultra Quiet Technology for low-noise operation, compact footprints, and easy operation. The standard Shindaiwa enclosures can optionally be fitted with ESI's Re-Air System for optimal performance in the extreme cold weather.

ESI-Built with Kubota Engine